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June Blend Cold Brew Coffee Bags - Product Launch

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Our June Blend Cold Brew Coffee Bags could well be the easiest way today to make your own premium cold brew coffee at home - in the history of all cold brew coffee making! 

June Blend Cold Brew Coffee BagJune Blend Cold Brew: 
Specially developed for making cold brew these large coffee bags (like a tea bag but bigger) are filled with a very special blend of coffees from around the world - June Blend is made up of single origin coffee from Brazil Yellow Bourbon, El Salvador and Nicaragua - and then carefully ground to be exactly the right size grind for making cold brew. The result? Perfect and delicious cold brew coffee at home. All you need is one cold brew coffee bag and one glass jug. 

How to make cold brew at home:
Simply place the bag into a jug, add 700ml of filtered or bottled water (better to have no chlorine in it), place in the fridge for 18-24 hours, remove the bag and serve. Store in the fridge. And that's it! Ready to drink.

You can then make any cold coffee drink, cocktails, mocktails, desserts and more with it. Think cold iced pour over coffee - just add cold milk of your choice - Espresso Martini, tiramisu or an affogato...the options are endless.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts. Please do leave us a review when you have tried your cold brew.
Best wishes
William (your roaster)

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