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How to make your own Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

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Well known coffee liqueur brands taste good but they are extremely sweet and syrupy. Coffee liqueur doesn’t need to be that way.

We asked Laurence owner of Wharf Distillery a local independent craft and contract distillery for a simple cold brew coffee liqueur recipe that could easily be made at home using our Cold Brew Coffee bags and their artisan New Town Rum Mixed Spiced or their Gadan Drenc English Vodka, and here it is…

Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur recipe

Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur Recipe:

1/ Add two of our Cold Brew Coffee Bags into a jug with 700ml filtered water. Place in the fridge for 24 hours.

2/ Remove the bags and gently squeeze out as much of the cold brew as possible. This should leave you with about 500-600ml of cold brew.

3/ Add 100-200g of any granulated sugar of your choice (the amount depends on personal taste). Stir until thoroughly dissolved. You should now have around 600ml of sweetened cold-brew coffee. Note: Different sugars; light/dark brown sugar, coconut sugar, or even molasses, can be used to produce interesting taste variations.

4/ You can now add either straight vodka, white or golden rum, or a spiced rum in a ratio of 1:1 to give you around 1.2 litres of finished product. So however much sweetened cold brew you have, add exactly the same amount of spirit. Stir well. No need to store in the fridge.

5/ Transfer to smaller glass bottles and gift for Christmas, or just enjoy yourself! Drink neat with or without ice, and use to make coffee cocktails, including the infamous and delicious Espresso Martini.

- Using rum gives the final result much more depth of flavour, so if you are using vodka because that it what you already have try adding in a vanilla bean pod and or cinnamon sticks, and remove them when you are happy with the additional flavour notes.
- Use quality ingredients, it makes all the difference.

Who are Wharf Distillery?

Wharf Distillery are a family-run craft distillery located in the market town of Towcester, South Northamptonshire. They specialise in producing a range of artisanal spirits as own brand and private label, including single malt whisky, gin, vodkarum and liqueurs and aperitifs, using traditional copper-pot methods and combined with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. They are also one of England’s smallest whisky distilleries, distilling apple brandy from locally sourced apples.

Their products often reflect the essence of the region, incorporating unique flavours and botanicals. The distillery is known for its commitment to quality, handcrafting small batches to ensure attention to detail, premium quality products and a distinct taste profile.

Aside from spirits, Wharf Distillery offers experiences such as distillery tours and tastings, allowing visitors to delve into the process of spirit-making while sampling their range of products. They also organise workshops and events to engage with the local community and enthusiasts.

It's really worth visiting their location to experience the craftsmanship and flavours first-hand. The distillery shop is also open most weekdays and Saturdays. 

Currently Wharf Distillery are the only ‘grain-to-glass’ distillery in Northamptonshire which means that they don’t just buy in neutral spirit to make their products, they actually ferment raw ingredients to create base alcohol. 

They are also a contract distillery. Contract distilling involves a distillery producing spirits for another company. It allows brands or businesses without their own distillation facilities to create custom products. Essentially, Wharf Distillery, as the contract distiller, use their equipment, expertise, and resources to produce the specified spirits based on the client's recipe or requirements. This arrangement is beneficial for brands wanting to enter the market without investing in their own distillery or for those needing additional production capacity.

They might also happen to enjoy our coffee ;) Last year Laurence asked us to install a coffee machine at their premises with a monthly coffee delivery, so that's what we did so they can enjoy our freshly roasted coffee every day.

Thank you to Laurence, for this great recipe. Cheers!

You can follow Wharf Distillery here:
Instagram @wharfdistillery
Facebook @thewharfdistillery

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