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April 2024 Newsletter - World Coffee News, Roasters Holiday & New Colombian Coffee

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Well Roasted Coffee News

Welcome to our April newsletter. Here is what’s happening at the roastery this coming month.

Roasters Holiday:

We do need to tell you that William will be taking a well-earned break from 15th to 24th May so the roastery and online sales will be closed during that time. Even though it is just 10 days please do plan your coffee needs to cover this period and if you need any help just let us know. You can also read our 
tips on how best to store freshly roasted coffee to prolong its freshness.

THE LAST DATE for online orders will be 9th May

Exciting News for Budding Roasters - Green Coffee Beans:

For anyone who has started to experiment with roasting their own coffee beans at home, or is thinking about doing so, we have some news. We will soon be launching the sale of our Green Coffee Beans online and via the roastery. We will let you know as soon as we are ready to launch.

In the meantime, if you would like to order some you can just contact William directly on or 01536 601331

World Coffee News – Coffee Prices Surge

You may or may not have heard about the current increase in coffee prices globally but here is what’s going on. Severe weather conditions have affected crops in two of the major coffee-producing regions – Brazil and Vietnam. In Vietnam, a prolonged heat wave has damaged coffee crops leading to a projected 20% decline in coffee exports compared to the previous year. The bulk of the world’s Robusta beans, used in instant coffee and espresso, are grown in Vietnam.

In Brazil the El Nino phenomenon has resulted in substantial rainfall in coffee-growing regions, causing significant damage to the crops. Brazil and Vietnam collectively account for more than 55% of global coffee production so you can imagine the impact of this. Supply problems in Robusta then push up
prices of Arabica, as concern increases over supply shortages worldwide. The Suez Canal issues have of course added to this problem.

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR US? We are hoping we can ride this out without having to increase our prices, but if we aren’t able to, we will of course let you know.

New Blog Post – What is Robusta Coffee?

On the subject of Robusta we have a new feature all about this coffee species, explaining its usage in the world of coffee, the pros and cons of its specific properties, and why roasters use speciality Robusta in their blends. Even though we love our single origin Arabica it’s really interesting to know about Robusta if perhaps you don’t already.

READ our Robusta blog post here

New! Colombian Supremo Coffee

If you are a Latin coffee lover you will know that our 
Honduras and Guatemala coffees are now safely back in stock. We also have a new Colombian for you. "Supremo" is one of the highest grades for coffee beans, indicating that the beans are larger and more uniform in size compared to other, lower grades. This uniformity  indicates better quality control during cultivation and processing, as well as enhanced flavour, brewing versatility, highest quality standards, and a consistent reputation. Supremo represents a top-tier category of beans making them a special and sought-after option for coffee connoisseurs. Why not add a 200g bag to your next order to give them a try?

ORDER Colombian Supremo

And that’s all our news for now. Here’s hoping for some warmer Spring weather very soon, and if not then let our coffees bring you much joy and warmth! 

Warmest regards,

William (your Roaster)
Well Roasted Coffee

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