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Award-winning 'Coffee Stout'

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Award-winning 'Coffee Stout'

Earlier this year we told you about our local Lubenham-based joinery friend and home-brewer Martin Clarke who began to make 'coffee infused stout' with our single origin Sumatran coffee beans in his Grainfather brewer. Well, Martin has just won 1st prize for his Coffee Stout in the Stout section of the Anglian Craft Brewers 2023 Home Brewers Competition! And also got an honourable mention in the whole competition! That’s out of 120 entries.  The competition was judged by the Beer Judge Certification Programme who support the home-brewing community. You can actually apply to be a ‘Beer Judge’ with the BJCP! Not bad work if you can get it! What is stout? Guinness is...

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