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About us

Based in the Welland Valley on the Northamptonshire/Leicestershire border, Well Roasted Coffee offers interesting coffees from around the 'Coffee Belt' of the globe. Online orders are taken via the website and our Facebook page, customers are also welcome to shop direct with us at our roastery.

We will be roasting twice a week, Monday and Thursday. All orders received after 11.00AM will be processed next roasting day.

Will, your roaster, has enjoyed and worked with coffee for many years. Now he wants to share that love of coffee with you so that love can be shared and enjoyed by others.

Never too old to learn, it is a journey that we can take together.

Our aim

Our aim is to retain the main characteristics of ethically sourced single origin Arabica coffee beans and enhance them with delicate roasting.

We hand roast in small batches with our lovely little 'micro' roaster.

All our green beans we select from our direct importer as this allows us to trace the origin of the beans right back to the region, and in most cases to the actual farm and farmer.

This ensures that we can monitor that the farmer and his employees are being suitably rewarded for their efforts and they are taking the necessary precautions to protect their local environment.

Our single origins are coffees we have tasted and enjoyed. So we hope that you will too.

They can be as complex and as enjoyable as wine – Cheers!

We are a member of Made in Northampton (MIN)