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Decaffeinated Fairtrade Organic Peru Coffee - New Product

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We have sourced a new ethically grown organic and fairtrade decaffeinated coffee from Peru. Working with trusted producers who also care about their coffee we are now able to bring you this speciality high grown Arabica coffee.

The farmers are part of two cooperatives within the Junin and Cajamarca regions of Peru who work together to improve not only the coffee but also the lives of the farmers and their workers. They were awarded the Fairtrade and Organic certification in 2017. This coffee is decaffeinated using the Mountain Water Process.

What is the Mountain Water Process?

The Mountain Water Process, often referred to as "Mountain Washed" decaffeination, is a method used to remove caffeine from coffee beans. It is a chemical-free decaffeination process that is considered natural and environmentally friendly compared to some other methods.

Here's how the Mountain Water Process works:

Green Coffee Soaking
The process begins with a batch of green (unroasted) coffee beans. These beans are soaked in pure, clean mountain water to dissolve the soluble compounds in the coffee.

Caffeine Extraction
After soaking, the water is separated and passed through an activated carbon filter. This filter captures the caffeine molecules, leaving the water with the soluble flavour compounds and oils that give coffee its taste and aroma.

Flavour Restoration
The caffeine-free water, now filled with the soluble coffee flavours, is reintroduced to a new batch of green coffee beans. These beans are soaked in this water, allowing the flavours to infuse back into the beans. This process is repeated until the beans have achieved the desired flavour profile with most of the caffeine removed.

The decaffeinated coffee beans are then dried to the proper moisture level, ensuring that they are suitable for roasting.

The Mountain Water Process is favoured by some coffee producers and roasters because it avoids the use of chemical solvents (like methylene chloride or ethyl acetate) often used in other decaffeination methods. It is considered a gentler method that tries to preserve the flavour and aroma of the coffee. Natural methods are usually more expensive than chemical decaffeination processes but are worth the extra cost - better for us and better for the environment.

The Mountain Water Process aims to minimise the impact of decaffeination on flavour, making it a popular choice among those seeking high-quality decaffeinated coffee.

I have roasted it to a medium to dark level to retain all the natural flavours that you would expect from this coffee but without the caffeine. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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