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Cold Brew Coffee Bags


Our cold brew coffee bags contain a specially prepared blend of Arabica coffees freshly roasted and then given a coarse grind before being placed in a biodegradable filter sack, then sealed in a airtight bag to retain freshness. The resulting cold brew coffee has a depth of flavour, body and sweetness similar to a nice port or a coffee liquor but without the alcohol content...caffeine instead.

How to make your own cold brew coffee:
Simply place the coffee bag into a jug, add 700ml of filtered or bottled water (better to have no chlorine in it ideally), place in the fridge for 18-24h, remove the bag and serve. Store in the fridge. And that's it! Ready to drink and enjoy.

What to make with cold brew coffee:
Cold brew is deliberately sweeter than coffee brewed using hot water and is the ideal method for cold coffee drinks. It can be drunk as it is straight from the fridge, or with any cold milk of your choice, combined to create a coffee flavoured cocktail or mocktail, or stirred into a pudding like a tiramisu, used in a marinade or reduced to a syrup...

Each bag provides 600ml to 700ml of cold brew coffee.

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