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Willy's Classica - New House Blend

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We have created a new Italian-style espresso house blend coffee aptly named after our roaster Will - Willy's Classica. Here is a fusion of Arabica coffees from South American to include Brazilian Santos, Brazilian Yellow Bourbon and Nicaragua with a salute to the origin of coffee by adding some Ethiopian Sidamo.

By medium roasting the Arabicas they have retained their individual flavour nuances which has resulted in this smooth coffee with fruity, nutty sweet honey and caramel notes. Willy's Classica makes a great all day coffee whether taking it straight or combining with milk.

Our Italian-style House Blends:

Willy's Classica
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What is an Italian-style coffee blend?

An Italian-style coffee blend typically refers to a specific type of coffee bean blend and preparation that is associated with the traditional coffee culture of Italy. Italian coffee is known for its rich, bold flavours and preparation methods. Here are some key characteristics of an Italian-style coffee blend:

Darker Roast
Italian-style coffee blends are often made from more darkly roasted coffee beans. The darker roast brings out strong and bold flavours with a rich, full-bodied taste.

Espresso is at the heart of Italian coffee culture, and Italian-style blends are often designed for espresso preparation. These blends are finely ground to ensure a proper extraction during the espresso-making process.

Robusta Content
Italian-style blends may contain a higher percentage of Robusta coffee beans compared to Arabica beans. Robusta beans contribute to a more robust and bitter flavour profile, which is a hallmark of Italian espresso.

Stronger and More Intense Flavour
Italian-style coffee is known for its strong and intense flavours, with notes of dark chocolate, roasted nuts, and sometimes a slightly bitter taste.

When brewing espresso from an Italian-style blend, a rich and creamy layer of crema should form on top. The crema is an important indicator of a well-prepared espresso shot.

While Italian-style blends are often associated with espresso, they can also be used to make other coffees like cappuccinos, lattes, and Americanos.

Traditional Preparation
Italian-style coffee is typically prepared using traditional espresso machines or Moka pots (stovetop espresso makers). It's less common to use drip coffee makers for this style of coffee.

It's important to note that there can be variations in Italian-style coffee blends, and different regions in Italy may have their own preferences and variations in terms of coffee roasting and preparation. Additionally, individual coffee roasters may put their own unique twist on Italian-style blends. Ultimately, the key characteristics are a darker roast, bolder flavour, and suitability for espresso preparation.

We hope you enjoy tasting Willy's Classica house blend as much as we have enjoyed creating it.



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    Very new to this coffee rabbit hole just wondering price at what weight

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