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Another use for the Aeropress Coffee Maker

As a regular user of the Aeropress I take every opportunity to convert coffee drinkers to the benefits of getting their own Aeropress coffee maker.

I have now found another use for the Aeropress which may mean we have to change the name to Aeropress Brew Maker. Over the weekend I decided to have a cup of tea to try out some of the leaf teas brought back from our recent trip to Sri Lanka.

As we all know leaf teas create problems of their own, no strainer or correct teapot. So I thought Aeropress so went ahead and made myself a very nice cup of High Grown Ceylon tea. A new use for the Aeropress was borne.

Just follow the normal process for making coffee but let the tea brew for 3 minutes before pushing down on the plunger.

Morning coffee, Afternoon tea all form the same unit. An even better reason for taking up my Father's Day gift offer (you may need to supply your own leaf tea!!)

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