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Fairtrade Organic Decaffeinated Peru Coffee - Swiss Water Process


Working with trusted producers we are able to manage the supply chain of this high quality speciality decaffeinated coffee from Peru. The coffee is supplied from two cooperatives within the regions of Junin and Cajamarca with 285 highly experienced small farmer producers. The groups were initially formed in 2005 and received their Fairtrade and Organic certification in 2017.

The quality and flavour of decaffeinated coffee have improved dramatically over the years, making it possible for coffee enthusiasts who cannot tolerate caffeine or want to drink coffee in the evening without any sleep disturbance, to still enjoy the premium flavour of specialty coffee. No longer do you need to drink inferior coffee.

Taste Notes: A smooth malty taste profile with notes of roasted peanuts and sweet liquorice.

Roast: Medium dark

Farm: Sol & Cafe

Variety: Arabica

Location: Jaen, Carjamaca

Decaf Process:
Swiss Water Process

What is the Swiss Water Process?

The Swiss Water Process is a natural method for decaffeinating coffee beans that avoids the use of chemical solvents. It is designed to remove caffeine from coffee beans while attempting to preserve as much of the flavour and aromatic compounds as possible. 

The Swiss Water Process is a cleaner and more environmentally friendly process of removing caffeine, and therefore is a much healthier way to drink decaf coffee.

You can read more about the Swiss Water Process here in our blog.

Sustainability: All of our coffee beans are traceable directly to the farm and the farmer. Our coffees are either Fairtrade Organic (FTO) or Rain Forest Alliance (RFA) certified, or grown as a collective/cooperative to assure a fair wage and good environmental practice. Our coffee bags are compostable.

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