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Uganda Bukonzo Dream Coffee


Our award-winning Uganda Bukonzo Dream Coffee is a speciality single-origin Arabica coffee from the Ibanda District in Uganda. It is grown by the Bukonzo tribespeople at high altitude in the Rwenzori Mountains and is known as 'Bukonzo Dream' after the farmers desire to be able to provide better opportunities for each generation.

A natural processed Arabica which gives a great espresso.

'Uganda Bukonzo Dream' won 2 star Great Taste Award 2021

Flavour notes: soft fruit flavours hints of strawberry, black cherry and cranberry

Cupping notes: A zingy explosion in the mouth with a smooth pleasant after taste.

Location: Rwenzori Mountains, South West Uganda

Process: Natural

Roast: Medium

As a UK stockist of Ugandan coffee, we buy our Uganda Bukonzo Dream coffee beans from Omwani Coffee Co. - a speciality green coffee sourcing company focused on East African origins, particularly Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Madagascar, and Malawi. Founded in 2018, the company connects coffee roasters with farmers and producers, deliberately emphasising transparent trade, fair pricing, and high quality.

Omwani aims to strengthen relationships between producers and roasters by providing detailed information on the origin, growers, and stories behind each coffee they sell. They work closely with their producer partners and support local communities through various initiatives and projects, ensuring the benefits of their trade extend beyond just buying coffee​.

The company's origins trace back to the washing stations of Uganda, where its founders saw an opportunity to improve the market for East African coffees. Omwani partners with several local projects and cooperatives, such as Agri Evolve, to enhance coffee quality and support farmers in the Rwenzori Mountains.

Omwani’s team includes experts in sourcing, sales, quality control, and marketing, all dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in the coffee supply chain and fostering meaningful relationships with their partners​.

Sustainability: All of our coffee beans are traceable directly to the farm and the farmer. Our coffees are either Fairtrade Organic (FTO) or Rain Forest Alliance (RFA) certified, or grown as a collective/cooperative to assure a fair wage and good environmental practice. Our coffee bags are recyclable.

Why buy from us? Our award-winning, ethically sourced coffee is freshly hand roasted to order every week. Our aim is to retain the main characteristics of single origin Arabica beans and to enhance them with delicate roasting. All of our medium roast single origin Arabica coffee is suitable for espresso. Just choose Fine Grind or Whole Bean depending on your coffee machine or brewing method. 

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