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Puck Puck for AeroPress


PUCKPUCK is an attachment that turns the AeroPress® Coffee Maker into a cold brew drip system.

Experience the smooth taste of slow dripped coffee at home through your AeroPress. This PUCKPUCK allows for a controlled slow dripping of water over a bed of coffee, creating a uniquely versatile cold brew that can be enjoyed over ice, with milk or as a mixer with your cocktails.

The PuckPuck is an innovative attachment designed for the AeroPress coffee maker. It allows users to turn their AeroPress into a cold drip system, enabling the preparation of cold brew coffee. It comprises a water chamber that sits on top of the AeroPress, with a slow-drip valve mechanism regulating the flow of water onto the coffee grounds.

To use the PuckPuck, you fill its water chamber with cold water or ice, and the water gradually drips through the grounds in the AeroPress, extracting the flavours slowly over time. This method creates a smoother, less acidic cup of cold brew compared to the traditional immersion method. It’s a great way to experiment with different brewing techniques and flavours using your AeroPress.

Please note: the PUCKPUCK attachment featured here does not include the AeroPress.

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