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2nd Craic Kaffe Espresso Coffee


A darker roast of our speciality Guatemala coffee that brings a new dimension to cup. An intense flavour and richness of taste giving a powerful espresso.

What does 'second crack' mean in coffee roasting?

In coffee roasting, "second crack" refers to a stage that follows the initial roasting phase known as "first crack."

First Crack: At approximately 196°C (385°F), the beans produce a cracking sound, signaling the start of the first crack. This stage indicates that the beans have reached a light roast level. During this phase, a significant amount of moisture evaporates, causing the beans to expand and release steam and gases.

Second Crack: If roasting continues beyond the first crack, the beans will reach the second crack stage at around 224°C (435°F). The second crack is identified by a softer and more rapid cracking sound compared to the first. At this point, the cellular structure of the beans fractures, allowing oils to migrate to the surface, giving the beans a shiny appearance.

Significance of Second Crack: This stage is typically associated with darker roast levels, such as Full City, Vienna, French, or Italian roasts. The flavours become more intense, with the beans developing a bittersweet, toasty, or even charred profile. The second crack signifies that the beans are nearing the limits of roast development before the risk of burning.

Roasting Process: Throughout roasting, coffee beans undergo significant chemical changes. The Maillard reaction and caramelisation continue during the process, impacting the flavour profile. The second crack stage is crucial for achieving specific dark roast characteristics.

Roasters use sound as a primary indicator during roasting, adjusting heat and timing to achieve the desired roast level. Transitioning from first to second crack requires careful monitoring to balance flavour development and avoid over-roasting.

What are the flavour benefits of second crack coffee?

Second crack coffee roasting enhances the flavour intensity, introduces bittersweet and toasty notes, and reduces acidity, creating a rich, complex, and balanced cup of coffee. These characteristics are particularly appreciated in darker roasts.

Sustainability: All of our coffee beans are traceable directly to the farm and the farmer. Our coffees are either Fairtrade Organic (FTO) or Rain Forest Alliance (RFA) certified, or grown as a collective or cooperative to assure a fair wage, investment in the community and good environmental practice. Our coffee bags are recyclable.

Why buy from us? Our award-winning, ethically sourced coffee is freshly hand roasted to order every week. Our aim is to retain the main characteristics of speciality coffee beans and to enhance them with delicate roasting. 

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