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Well Roasted Coffee

Guatemala SHB Coffee


Guatemala Fancy SHB _ Organic Coffee _ Finca Bremen y Anexos

Well balanced cup with good acidity. The perfect balance is prominent in the black coffees, with sweetness and body with soft, woody flavours. Milk based coffees show initial flavours of white peaches/ nectarines with a malt finish. A good strength of body that lingers.
A very good cup of coffee with or without milk

Cupping Notes Hibiscus, roasted hazelnut, milk chocolate, red apples, vanilla and biscuit

Country Guatemala
Region  Purulha, Baja Verapaz - Organic
Altitude 1100 masl
Variety Bourbon, Catuai, Typica, Caturra and Maragoype
Milled Process Wet Milling, Natural Fermentation Partial sun dry and Guardiola dryers
Aroma Pronounced
Flavour Soft woody and soft fruits
Body Well balanced with good strength that lingers
Acidity Good


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