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Well Roasted Coffee



Guatemala Fancy SHB _ Rain Forest Alliance _ Finca San Francisco

Well balanced and complex coffee providing a clean sweet mouthful
Sugary sweet with notes of chocolate, cocoa and cherry
A very good cup of coffee with or without milk

Cupping Notes Hazelnuts and Almonds flavour, Medium sweetness, short aftertaste

Country Guatemala
Region Chiquimulilla, Guazacapan (Fraijanes) - RFA Certified
Altitude 4750' - 5750'
Variety Bourbon, Catuai
Milled Process Fully Washed, Sundried
Aroma Cinnamon
Flavour Almond, Brown sugar, Hazelnut, Medium acidity, Nutty, Sweet
Body Medium
Acidity Low

Geography Coffee farming at San Francisco Tecuamburro began under Daniel Barillas Harrarte and his wife, Matilde Arroyo, in the late 1800s. The farm has been passed on from generation to generation and is now owned and managed by Sergio Barillas Escamilla. The farm’s unique location in the crater of the dormant Tecuamburro Volcano, at an altitude of 1,460-1,770m, provides ideal conditions for the production of high quality specialty coffee. The farm covers an area of 110 manzanas (around 77 hectares), and is planted with around 80% Bourbon trees and 20% Catuaí

Biodiversity Abundant shade cover on San Francisco Tecuamburro is provided by native guajillo and guava trees. The heavy leaf-fall from these species is deliberately left on the ground to create a leaf mould, which provides a rich natural fertiliser for the soil.

Sustainability The water used to process the coffee comes from fresh water springs on the farm, which also provides drinking water to the local population in Chiquimulilla and Guazacapán. Waste water from the pulping process is fully treated in order to avoid polluting the farm’s water courses.

Farm: Finca San Francisco Tecuamburro Varietal(s): 80% Bourbon; 20% Catuaí Processing: Fully washed and sun dried on patio Altitude: 1,460-1,770 metres above sea level Owner: Sergio Barillas Escamilla City: Pueblo Nuevo Viñas, Santa Rosa Region: Chiquimulilla / Guazacapán (Fraijanes) Country: Guatemala.

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