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Well Roasted Coffee

Guatemala SHB


Guatemala Fancy SHB _ Rain Forest Alliance _ Finca San Francisco Cotzal

Well balanced and complex coffee providing a clean sweet mouthful
Sugary sweet with notes of chocolate, cocoa and cherry
A very good cup of coffee with or without milk

Cupping Notes Hazelnuts and Almonds flavour, Medium sweetness, short aftertaste

Country Guatemala
Region Quiche - RFA Certified
Altitude 1100 - 1600 masl
Variety Bourbon, Catuai
Milled Process Fully Washed
Aroma Pronounced
Flavour Almond, Brown sugar, Hazelnut, Marked acidity, Nutty, Sweet
Body Intense
Acidity Marked

Geography In the northern Guatemalan coffee producing region, in the middle of the Quiche department, some of the most spectacular coffee farms can be found. With almost a thousand hectares of cultivated area, San Francisco Cotzal is one of the largest coffee plantations in Guatemala.

Biodiversity Besides the coffee, San Francisco cultivate Macadamia, lemons and Avocado but more importantly the natural forest surrounding the farm which sustains life throughout the area. This ecosystem provides a habitat to a wide range of flora and fauna. 

Sustainability Environmental and socially responsible, the owners not only take care of their coffee and its quality, but also the workers and their families. Just some of the benefits received by the workers include new housing, schools and communal kitchens.

Farm: Finca San Francisco received the internationally recognised Rain Forest Alliance certification which confirms the responsible work and management practised.

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