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Moka Pot Christmas Gift Set - Well Roasted Coffee

Italian Moka Coffee Pot Gift Set


A Well Roasted Coffee enamel red coffee mug and Italian style Moka Coffee Pot with a bag of freshly roasted fine grind coffee to get the coffee on the stove. Just add water and apply heat.

Choose from a 3 cup or a 6 cup Moka Pot. The 3 cup set comes with a 100g back of coffee and the 6 cup set comes with a 200g bag of coffee.

A high quality Moka Pot for crafting traditional Italian espresso. Eight sided shape diffuses heat evenly to enhance the aroma and taste of the coffee.

To clean just rinse in hot soapy water, with the right care this durable unit will keep making rich, authentic espresso for years after purchase.

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