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Fairtrade Organic Peru San Ignacio Coffee


This bright and sweet organic and Fairtrade coffee is from the San Ignacio region of Peru.

Flavour notes: Mild floral aromatics, digestive biscuit sweetness, with a subtle walnut and milk chocolate finish.

Cupping notes: A well rounded coffee with citric like acidity, a creamy body, and integrated sweetness and acidity throughout.

Roast: Medium

Sustainability: All of our coffee beans are traceable directly to the farm and the farmer. Our coffees are either Fairtrade Organic (FTO) or Rain Forest Alliance (RFA) certified, or grown as a collective/cooperative to assure a fair wage and good environmental practice. Our coffee bags are compostable.

Why buy from us? Our award-winning, ethically sourced coffee is freshly hand roasted to order every week. Our aim is to retain the main characteristics of single origin Arabica beans and to enhance them with delicate roasting. All of our medium roast single origin Arabica coffee is suitable for espresso too. Just choose Fine Grind or Whole Bean depending on your coffee machine. Coffee is life!

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