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Organic Honduras GEA Green Coffee Beans


GEA Organic Honduras Green Coffee Beans are a well balanced Arabica with a smooth body and fruity acidity. Clean and sweet aromas with notes of caramel, almond, toffee, apple and apricot.

Produced by the 400+ women Gea farmers within the CAUFUL Cooperative (Cooperativea Agrícola Uníon y Fuerza) located in seven regions of Honduras in Central America. This coffee is produced entirely by women coffee farmers.

Honduras Gea Organic coffee represents not only a high-quality coffee product but also a commitment to sustainability, gender equality, and social responsibility within the coffee industry.

Flavour notes: Caramel, almond, toffee, apple and apricot

Body: Smooth

Acidity: Fruity

Farm: GEA Producers, CAUFUL Co-op

Locations: Lempira, Ocotepeque, Intibuca, Copan, La Paz, El Paraiso, Comayagua

Arabica Variety: Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, IH90, Lempira

Altitude: 1100 - 1650 masl

Harvest: January - April 

Process: Fully Washed, Sun/Patio dried

Certification: Organic

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